Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back on the Horse

I jumped back on the horse last night, kind of. I played a $3 turbo MTT and an SNG to try and get it going again. The SNG didn’t go well in that I bubbled but I play my game with minimal fear. The turbo went well in that I played my strong hands aggressively and didn’t back off when I smelled weakness. The best part of the night was coming over the top of 5 limpers a couple of times only to see them lay their hands down. A player at the table mad a comment about this move and I responded that I had only played 8 hands(out of 80) to that point and that if he thought I was stealing to go ahead and call. I was well above average as the bubble approached but the blind were getting big and my hands were on the ugly side. After the bubble broke I was a little below average when I looked at pocket 10s. I pushed from early position since a 3x raise would have all but pot committed and got called by queens and AK. No luck for me and I’m done. I’m not upset with this as these turbo require a more aggressive style and was willing to flip a coin to double my stack.

I also played some .25\.50 full ring limit hold’em. I haven’t sat at one of these tables in a long time, so with the encouragement of surflexus I hit it for about 30 minutes ending up about +$5. small change but I need the confidence right now.

I also railed surf as he ran to 26th place in the 25k on ft. He had a great run of cards at the right times and laid down a few good hands. Good job man. Probably no Mookie tonight but we shall see.


jl514 said...

I tried to leave you a motivational post yesterday but the word verification thing wasn't showing up and i couldn't post :(

Then I forgot to post it.

It said something like take a few days off and come back slowly, play a few token tourneys and get a few tokens, play a $26 tourney and see how you do. Sick beats? Take another day off. Do pretty well? Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

You'll bounce back.

surflexus said...

Thanks for railing last night. Congrats on the limit victory. Put those bad beats behind you and pull that trigger. Best of luck, Surf

The Poker Enthusiast said...

thanks guys. i'm going to work back into it slow. i know i have game. The donkeys will return it.