Sunday, December 07, 2008

That Spunky Waffles

Poor waffles…nobody gives him any respect until someone calls him out for what he is. Here is a quote from the tables on Full Tilt.

Maniac57: !!!@bags
Maniac57: mother$#!$ers
Maniac57: cumswillers
jennyho1: shut up you pus infected cumbubble anal wart

Dealer: Maniac57 wins the pot (5,167) with 7,5,4,3,A
Dealer: jennyho1 finishes in 81st place

Maniac57: wheeee
jdinner: lol
Maniac57: Anal Fart
Maniac57: anus
Maniac57: horses &&%@
jennyho1 (Observer): still snivellin cry baby?
Maniac57: pink lips
Maniac57: gg jenny
jennyho1 (Observer): a grown baby, how pathetic
pokerenthusiast (Observer): cumbubbles come from spitters
Maniac57: cumbubbles and straws

Maniac57: was jenny talking to me?

If he cashed the tourney does it count as a money shot?

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