Tuesday, December 02, 2008

@&#%*&% Morons

Well things seem to be moving forward a little in regards to my dad’s estate. But let me back up a little and walk you through the process.

My father passed away back in February.

My sister is executor.

I have two stepbrothers and two stepsisters.

One stepsister was given $1 as her part of the inheritance.

My stepmother died 13 and a half years ago.

Stepbrother 1 had not seen or talked to my father since his mother’s death.

Stepbrother 2 talked to my dad at random intervals totaling maybe 12 times or so since his mother’s death.

Stepsister 2 talked to my father often until she divorced and moved away, leaving her children with her ex-husband and giving up her rights to them. This pissed my dad off and he said he would never talk to her again.

My sister and I take care of all funeral arrangements.

We fix up the house, my sister more then I, to get it ready to sell.

We get stuff ready for garage sale.

My sister informs steps to come to the house to get anything they would like to have.

They never come.

My sister, acting as executor pays all the bills, takes care of lawyer stuff.

My sister, as executor asks for 15K compensation for her executor duties plus hours of labor and mileage. I think this is a little high but not to terribly high. My calculations came to about 11.5 but I’m not going to argue over $3500 split between 5 people.

We are ready to disperse money in November. Two of the steps hired a lawyer to argue the executor fee after they hired the lawyer to hurry up with the payouts. There is still one bill outstanding so we will have to hold back 10K in reserve.

A new court date was set for December 4th.

Steps lawyer says they will sign off if my sister lowers her fees to $7500. She counters to $12000. About where I thought it should be.

They prepare an order to have the money released.

My sister makes a deal to send each of us 10K until everything else gets worked out.

Fucking morons fighting about 1K each. They will spend that in there lawyers fees. Fucking idiots.

Have a nice day.

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BamBam said...

Sometimes it's brutal to see what $ can do to people. Other times unfortunately, it's clearly expected.

I look at this and say to myself, you're Father was obviously a great judge of character.