Monday, November 24, 2008

My Inner Geek

Knowing your geekish tendencies is important in the grand scheme of things. I have no problem with the fact I played Dungeons and Dragons when I was a kid…hell, just the other day my son pulled out my container of various die and asked “Dad…what’s this?” I answered, “Why that is a 20-sided die.” I have a whole crap load of the various utensils of destruction needed to play the game…I still have my copy of the Monster Manual, Players Handbook, Dungeon Masters’ Guide, Monster Manual 2 and even the Deities and Demigods book. You never know, maybe I’ll want to get the stuff out and play again. I am content with my inner geek.

So you ask why I would bring up D&D? I guess because I’ve been playing WOW and actually enjoy playing. I guess it should be a surprise that I like the game and even though I can’t seem to keep the monsters off of waffles as well as I should, it is a fun little game. And if you break it down, it only cost about 2 cents and hour to play. 90% of the online poker world should think about that because they would lose less money if they paid money to play a game where that can’t win anything back.

I played for a few hours…like 15 hours over the weekend. I have 2 characters going and mailed some silver pieces to my 2nd character, An Orc Warlock, so that he could afford some other things. My Undead Warrior is doing well and is up to 20th level. I have found that some of these quests need multiple players to get them done without fear of death so maybe I can convince a few people to give it a try.

As far as poker goes, I played in a Bodog free roll the other day. I don’t count that as playing because I didn’t put any money up. Anyway, the play was horrific, even for a free roll and I lost interest after about 2/3 of the field was gone. I had a workable stack and I think the structure there is pretty good but I didn’t like the software at all. There seemed to be stalls and hiccups and I wasn’t always sure where I was at during a hand. I’m sure I could get use to it but while I’m on hiatus, there is no need.


OhCaptain said...

I'd be up for a little role playing action. I still have all my books too. I think I even have the notes on my favorite character. A neutral thief. We did much mischief together :-)

I keep my leather pouch with dice in my desk. Like you said, you never know when you night need to do a constitution check.

Anonymous said...

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