Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Little Meat

Happy Hump Day.

My head feels clear again. I am ready to jump back into the waters full of various Pisces. But I will probably abstain for another month just because I need to prove to my self that I can overcome the addiction that has cause many late nights of frustrating results.

I got caught in a virtual argument with a vegan yesterday. Well it wasn’t an argument…It was more of a statement against a letter that was posted. It talked about this person’s life style change to become a vegetarian and the process that was involved. I thought it was a good account of the thought process until this person started to talk about Commandments in the bible and what they did or didn’t say about eating. Now, if I remember correctly, there are 10 Commandments in the bible and none of them has anything to do with food. One of the analogies that the writer used was how there were animal sacrifices but then the lord came down and died on the cross so the sacrifices stopped…and that meant that God didn’t like the animal sacrifices. I think he missed the point about why Jesus died on the cross. Anyway, he also talked about having a dog and couldn’t imagine eating his dog. Now there is no comparison with eating a big juicy steak and eating leg of dog.

Lets start with cows. They are raised to produce products we can eat. They are not a domesticated animal. They are the same as corn that grows in the field. They have no will. They are happy if they have food to eat but don’t have any understanding of anything other then reproducing and eating.

Now dogs are domesticated. But, if you look at the purpose of dogs you will realize they are working animals. Their meaning to us has changed based on centuries use as a companion but there is one thing…Dogs show affection and we respond to that affection. But, do they really love us or do they love the fact that we are the ones who feed them. I love my dog but it would be just as happy with someone else if she was getting a regular meal and some affection.

I left a comment for the vegan blogger who posted this story and she made a comment that did disturb me a little.

Thanks for your comment.

I don't believe that, because an animal was raised to become "meat," it's ok to kill it. Africans were once raised to work for whites. I don't believe that's right. Simply because a group can control another, that doesn't give them the right to do so.

Now I don’t recall anything that every said that Africans were raised to work for whites. I do recall that people were forcibly taken from their homes and made into slaves, but they were not raised to do such. However, using this logic, should we not have used horses to pull carriages…I’m sure the horse would have much rather have sat around eating grass in the field. No, animals have no will…they make all of their decision based on instinct. The horse pulls the wagon because it knows it will get oats and an apple when it is done. Not because it wants to pull it. We as people push the cart because we make the decision to move it from point A to point B.

All of this being said, I don’t like cruelty to animals. I think someone who hurts an animal on purpose should be hurt in a similar fashion. But I think that slaughtering cattle is fine because it is a crop, not unlike corn. As long as they are not being tortured I think it is ok.

I’m not sure why I ended up here…making a statement. I think that standing up for something you believe in is a great thing. But to place burdens on others because of what they believe is wrong. We can all just agree to disagree.

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Riggstad said...

agree to disagree??? In the US on an anonymous blog??? Are you kidding???

The only reason cows and pigs and other animals of the like exist are for our consumption.

If we didn't have the need for them, they would have been extinct for years by now. No, Centuries.

Also, dogs are domesticated because they work. Same as horses. They do jobs for us. Plus they don't taste as good as a cow, or yield any products as well as a cow hide can.

Leave the animals alone!! Good christ. I wonder what kind of shoes she wears? How about coats? I wonder if she played any sports with a ball made out of hemp?

Stupid hippies!