Thursday, September 04, 2008

Random...Just Random

What a crazy week. It started on Thursday last week when I had to make a trip to Toledo and got home Sometime Friday night. On Saturday morning at 5:45, after playing poker until 3am, I had to be at the starting line of the 5K run the baseball/softball organization I’m involved with was holding. When that was over I headed up to Wisconsin for a weekend at the lake. On Monday, I left the lake and headed to the airport to catch a flight to Boston. I eventually arrived home from Boston at about 11:30 Tuesday night. I’ve spent the last two days trying to get caught up so I can be ready for a visit from a customer tomorrow. Life is running fast right now.

I do have to say that the Boston trip went well. It was my first time to the fine city and I had the privilege of meeting a break even poker player. That’s right…I got to meet waffles. He reminds me of someone who would compare me to JJ. I only had an hour so we walked 47 miles to a food court and had some Chinese food and chatted each other up. Good times and I’m glad I finally got to meet the guy who sends me IM’s all day long.

I watched the Republican Convention last night and think that Sarah Palin gave a great speech. I’m not sure if that qualifies her to be a V.P. but she was more charismatic in the first five minutes then I’ve seen McCain during his whole campaign. I could go on about all the political stuff but I have to study everything some more before I make up my mind. At least she is something to look for the next couple of months.

And yes…I can still write about poker. I final tables the $5 Razz on Monday night. Nothing spectacular as I went from 4th to 14th near the bubble when my made 7 got ran down. I fought hard and lasted long enough for 5th but couldn’t get that one hand to get me into real contention. I also went deep in a PLO o8 tourney, missing the final table by a couple of spots. So overall I think I’m getting my focus back through playing less and working harder. Maybe I just got lucky.

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