Monday, September 08, 2008

A Little More of My Life

Like I said, nothing more really happened during my Junior year…Then summer time came and a lot in my life changed.

Now that I reflect on the past a bit, I have a little more to add about my Junior year. My dad got re-married on New Years Eve. I don’t really know the significance of the day but I was a real issue for me. But being the good son I ignored the tell-tail signs of self denial and continued to plod through the year.

A couple of funny things happened with my new step family. Is it against the rules to fool around with a step-sister? I’m not really sure but once my dad and step-mom got hitched, my new step-sister quite messing around with me. I remember the first time something happened…we were heading back from one of my basketball games and she put her hand on my leg. I was like an oak tree within seconds and was looking forward to having my cherry taken from me. In the end we never got to far and like I said…once we were technically related, all things stopped. Now she is fat and left her kids to hook up with her dealer. Sometimes things happen for a reason.

So summer comes and I am still trying to get my cherry broken. Getting some stinky finger and some heavy breathing really doesn’t do it but low and behold things change. My other step-sister hooks me up with a sure thing, mainly because I ask her to find me a sure thing. It was a warm summer night and I head to a friend’s birthday party to drink beer and to get laid by a sure thing. At some point in the evening we head off in my dad’s Ford pick-up to Jeter Road and get the action going. In the end I’m sure it was the 23.5 seconds of her life and we went back to the party to drink some more. A little while later we heard sirens and found out one of my friends had rolled his car into a tree so we headed back to my dad’s and continued the night of my first real sexual experience while the rest of the house slept. She was a sure thing and never got tired.

It was around this time that I tried smoking pot for the first time. I knew my step-sisters smoked it and I found there stash one day while everyone else was out of the house. I smoked two bowls and got totally stoned. I was a little freaked when the phone rang because I knew the person on the phone had to be a cop. Anyway, it became a new influence in my life that shaped much of the next couple of years in my life.

I found that summer that I didn’t care about some things as much as I use to care. I still played sports but they were a little less important to me at the time. I never did spend a lot of my time getting high but I continued to party a lot and only worried about the important things…me.

One thing I always tried to do was mind my mother. She was lenient on me in that I could stay out late if I wanted but would always make sure I was home when I said I would be home. If I told her I would be home at 1am then I made sure I was home by 1am. I think she let me get away with this because she didn’t want to lose me and felt by giving me space I wouldn’t push her away. I think she did a pretty good job with me and gave me enough leash to feel free but not enough to hang my self with.

One other thing that happened that summer was meeting up with Pam again. I told this story but I will re-post it because I can.

#9 and #10 In high school I went out with this one girl. We got along great and we were about as serious as juniors in high school can be. Then one day she breaks it off and never gave me any indication of why we could date no longer. Later that year she moved to another town about 15 miles away and I figured that was the end. During the summer that followed she came back in town on many occasions and her and one of my classmates, we’ll call her TC, would stop by and say hi. After a while she started to stop by on her own and we started seeing each other again in some sense. Then she dropped a bomb. The reason she had broken up is because TC had tried to commit suicide because she liked me but I was going out with someone else. This floored me and we talked about how we could continue to see each other if it was going to cause potential harm to one of our friends. This is when I did the most logical thing and asked the school councilor how we should proceed. The councilor knew the situation and said that it was important not to hide it and let her know how we felt about each other. Obvious good advise and we did just that. TC was glad that we told her and everything ended up just fine. I still can’t believe I talked to a school councilor about a problem. The second part of this story only has one thing. TC is now a lesbian and thus I have turned a woman away from men.

Then Senior year started.

Continued again.

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