Thursday, April 30, 2009

Like Riding a Bike?

What can I say, my two fans have spoken up so I must move this thing along.

I have played no poker since the last time I posted so lets not even pretend that this here post has anything to do with the game. But what I can do is catch you up with a few things in life.

Since I’m learning how to write again, I think we will do this in a few short bullets and let it go at that.

1) Work still sucks and the part time thing because of our great economy is still kicking my butt.
2) Softball E. is having a very good season for her high school team with an ERA of just over 1 and averaging about 12 Ks per game.
3) Baseball E. is starting his season and has tryouts for his first travel team on Sunday.
4) Speedy E. living life and driving dad crazy.
5) Mrs. PE keeps me from losing it almost every day.
6) I have very little desire to play poker right now.
7) Well, I would like to play but cannot justify the use of the money since I had to spend my bankroll just to pay some bills.
8) I’m sure there are more things but like I said…I am learning to write again.

Have a great day.


1Queens Up1 said...

its a start i look forward to more :)

Unknown said...

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