Tuesday, July 08, 2008

As the Summer Continues

Busy, Busy, Busy…That is all I can say.

Baseball E. finished his first semi-real ball season a couple of weeks ago by getting to the championship game with his transition team. For a bunch of 7 and 8 year old kids, my son is actually 6 and playing up with the older kids, both teams played great defense. Normally at this level you have most of the outs coming from strikeouts but the kids flashed the leather in the last game. Going into the bottom of the 6th inning his team was winning 9-3…then the wheels came flying off and before you know it the game was over and they lost 10-9. He took like a man-child/good sport but some of the kids were crying…There is no crying in baseball.

Speedy E. Finished up her in-house season making it to the semi-finals before losing a close one to the eventual champs. It was a tough season in that we had 6 very solid players and 6 that needed a lot of work. All the girls improved and had fun so overall the season was a success. Speedy is now getting ready for her 2 tourneys that will becoming up the next couple of weekends so no rest for the weary.

Softball E. has had a very tough season. She battled back hard from her ankle injury and was doing well until she pulled a muscle in her other leg. She has been pitching very well but can’t really run and her hitting has been sub-par. At this point she is just working on her pitching and doing what she can to help her team. In her last 9 outings as a pitcher she has walked 5 batters and only given up 11 earned runs so things are much better this year on that front.

Last week I broke down and bought a new grill. It wasn’t like the old grill didn’t work any more but more like I want a new grill. Now anyone who has had the pleasure of trying to build one of these by following the directions knows that it doesn’t go together as well as it should. So last Thursday I get home from work and start looking a directions and get everything moved into place to start the project. I had figured on 3 hours because my last one took longer but I am older and smarter. I take everything out of the box and get it all spread out. I find all the tools I will need and have them into place. 1 Hour…OMG it was easy peasy. I must be the smartest man in the work. Or maybe following the directions does actually work.

Tonight is the 2nd sub-qualifier for the new KORS monthly championship. Check out BTN for more details.

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