Thursday, June 19, 2008

Living With Tilt...You Can Luck Your Way Through It

I had a little work tilt yesterday.

It started when I had to be at work one hour earlier than normal so i could some stuff done and ended thirteen and a half hours later as I opened the car door to go home. In the middle was a bloody nose, a couple of meetings dealing with a new ERP system, and a 1 1/2 hour long call to Japan, with a few other people, to work on getting about 250K of material returned for credit.

I called the wife as I drove away and found out the family was heading to the ballpark to watch a friend play. I stopped to fill up the tank(gas tilt)and met up with them. The game was good and I finally made it home around 10:15...Just in time for the Dookie.

I hit a big hand when my AAQT caught back up after the turn gave me a straight vs. a flopped 2 pair. I then hit a set of aces to take over the chip lead. I eventually got to heads up with a huge deficit and decided to gamble. I won the first push but lost the second one and finished in 2nd place.

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