Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I hate it when that happens

I hate the feeling you get when you do something that you didn’t intend to do.
Here I am building a spreadsheet so I can do analysis of customer complaints when we have a power surge or something. You might have heard the scream escape my lips as the florescent light bulbs slowly re-illuminated my 11x10 brick-lined office. I wasn’t worried about the work I spent the last 2½ hours working on because I always save my documents at regular intervals. As my computer reboots I realize it is only a mater of time before I’m back to work and finishing the comparison of complaints by department as compared by product. I’m happy because in ten minutes I’ll be done and it isn’t due until next Monday. Where did it go? Recent documents? No. I’ll do a search for files created today. File note found?

Upon further review I’ve come to the realization that I didn’t intend to forget to “save file as”.

As a Cub fan and someone who realizes the beauty of the game I bring this to you.

I'm all better now.

Anyway, A and M had Girl Scouts last night so I thought it a good time to play some poker. L had homework to keep her busy and B wasn’t feeling good so he was happy to sit in a vegetative state in front of the T.V. As I fire up the tables A calls and asks me to bring something to the meeting that she forgot at home. Tilt!!! Now the trip to the meeting is only five minutes away but for some reason I couldn’t grasp the concept of a short trip. Only that the trip was eating up poker time. By the time I get home my head is so far up my ass that I can see the cavities in my teeth. I proceed to a $2 20 person sng. I played tight and waited for the right time to make my move. I get Paris & Nikki in the bb with three limpers. Blinds are 25/50 and will go up next hand. I raise it to 300 and get two callers. Flop is 99T 1 spade. 1st player is a calling station but second player is solid. I raise all in as a bet would leave me pot committed anyway. Both call. Oh shit. Player 1 has J6 both spades. Player 2 has TT. Turn 7 of spades. River 3 of Spades. Instead of being chip leader I’m stuck with 190. I get back to 670 and the final table when he calls my A-Q all-in with 8-3 and hits a boat. IGHN. Mega tilt. Blow another $2 on a ten player sng because I’m a bluegill.

Luckily L had work to do on the computer or I might have lost it all.
After we get the kids in bed I decide to try again. I’m way down for the night but I need to get some hours on the limit tables. 2 Hours later I win back all I lost plus $2 to get me to $15.45. I gambled a little by playing three tables with 2/3 of my bankroll but it worked out. I don’t know if I’ll have time to play tonight because I have to prepare for a meeting Thursday but we’ll see. Lets hope I don’t tilt…. Again.

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Poker News said...

A lot of sh*ts happen all the time you just gotta do what you gotta do and move on. Although sometimes it's really annoying and will also make you irritated all day long.